Ten Golden Rules for a Presentation
  1. Make the best of your materials (text, diagram, picture etc.).
  2. Use your own words, don't just copy from the material.
  3. Make it interesting! Make use of e.g. OHP, PowerPoint, blackboard, map, authentic material etc.
  4. Practise your presentation at home (speak slowly, loudly, refer to the material; stick to the given time-limit).
  5. Don't read out, speak freely, use notes only.
  6. Present the topic and give an outline of your presentation.
  7. Give keywords and explain them when used.
  8. Make your class-mates participate. Be prepared to put and answer questions.
  9. Hand in your hand-out one day before (not more than one page; name the sources).
  10. And enjoy your preparation and presentation !

 To the audience: 

  1. Listen, don't talk! Don't interrupt the speaker.
  2. Take notes (keywords only).
  3. Be prepared to put and answer questions.
  4. Comment on the presentation.

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